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yay my first deviation after the loooong hiatus and its the saddest thing ive ever made.....y-....yay?

anyways on to the serious stuff this is for :iconyuumei:'s contest to spread awareness about the fairly massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico.

for those that didnt hear:
British Petroleum's offshore oil rig had an explosion that caused a leak in their pipe, this caused extremely large amounts of oil into the gulf.

Afterwards the people on the rig didnt know about the leak (they were dealing with an explosion), and later noticed the hole. so they sprung into action....sprung is used loosely here...more like meandered or strolled into action.

the plans to stop the leak all failed, and most of them were fairly unsound(one involved firing garbage, like tires and golfballs into the hole) however they recently managed to stop it...well they think they did... ceo's all assure us that it is only mud firing out of the pipe.

basically its been realized that BP cut MANY corners as far as their drilling platform is concerned. in international waters oil platforms count as ships, so BP was flying a marshall islands flag so that the coast guard checks would be done more quickly. last i heard there were at least 768(might be off on number) willful safety violations by BP on this platform

if you want to do something to help


so with that all done ill explain the artistic/symbolic side of this piece

its partially a remake of :iconyuumei:'s piece here > [link] but i decided to use a turtle instead, because A.) i really like turtles and B.) the turtle in :iconyuumei:'s journal actually looks REALLY cool and im sad hes covered in oil in that picture >.>

and yes ur not crazy his eye is glistening at you, because i wanted him to loooook into your eeeeyes @_@

and no preloader because its only like 87 kilobytes, you should load it just fine

jesus christ thats a really long artist's comment
ThaMellosChocolate Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2010
This is really beautiful. I have no idea why nobody commented this, but it doesn't matter. This is really serious, and I admit you're also trying to fight against things like that.
fallenangel1337 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
lol thankya

ya i was surprised at the lack of comments too...normally i get a few comments THEN faves but apparently for this one it was the other way thanks for the feedback :)
ThaMellosChocolate Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2010
Hehee, no prob, it was really great :meow:
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